People suck......Rescued a pup!!!

Discussion in 'Canine Chat' started by pitchik, Aug 23, 2013.

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    On FB, there was an ad that someone posted because they "found" a dog and wanated to give it away free. It had this picture:
    I was appalled, there were 69 replies and all of them were interested in the dog because it was a "pitbull" or that they would take it as last resort. I couldn't get him off my mind, sent the pic to hubby, and he called wanting me to get their address.

    I smooshed my way into becoming the advertisers bff so I could secure the safety of this dog. In the evening, after all day of dealing with this issue, we got the run around. The owner, which was the girl that placed the ads fiance, said the dog ran off. When I told her she said "How? He is at his moms that's impossible!" Then, nobody would answer my calls for hours. Finally after dark at night, pretty late, I get a text with the address, and telling me he wasn't home just swing by and grab the dog.

    We have a theory, that the dog was HIS and his fiance didn't know this. Saturday, Hubby is going back to the house and parking, getting out and walking around the yard, looking for the area that we see in the pic above. They didnt realise in the pic, the dog is wearing a chain, can barely hold his head up. The dogs water bucket is brand new, but the food bucket is chewed on like it had been empty forever, and water was set there just for the pic. Also, you can see where the dirt ends and grass starts, like that pic was definatly taken exactly where the dog was chained up and starved. If we find this area at this kids house, he will #1 pry get an a$$ beating and #2, the police will be called.

    The vet has already confirmed that his starvation abuse was indeed intentional. It is approximatly 3 to 4 weeks without a morsel of food. He cannot eat more then about 1/4 food, Wednesday night, he couldn't eat a small dog dog cookie.

    He has been fully vetted, tested for everything, heartworm negative, put on meds, had all his shots........etc....

    This is Sammy last night, exploring the yard: [​IMG]
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    That poor dog looks starved. :(
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    Poor buddy

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