Dog Murder By Police Continues

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    Police continue to shoot dogs at will with no concern for the pain and anguish caused to the families that lose their canine family member. Here we have a case of an Oklahoma cop killing a dog while the dog was on his own property and the cop was trespassing. Yes, I said trespassing. The cop had no cause to be on that property and was in fact there by mistake. The family has retained an attorney and has filed suit.

    Oklahoma Deputy Executes Family Pet on Private Property

    Posted on 15 July 2013. Tags: Carter County, carter county sheriff's department, Deputy Daniel King, dog murdered, Erica Nipp, Oklahoma, oklahoma cop block, police shoot dog, southern oklahoma cop block

    Dustin McCaskill writes:

    Carter County Deputy Daniel King Executes Family Pet on Private Property

    A Carter County Deputy was looking for a person of interest in an unrelated case at the Nipp residence. The Sheriff’s Department received misinformation that the person of interest was located at the residence. Erica Nipp says she came home to find “Diesel” dead in her yard. Nipp says she lives out in the country on 60 acres so her pup Diesel was the watchdog. Diesel’s body was found away from the driveway, and far from front door, out past the house as if the Deputy was snooping around the property. . Nipp says she has already contacted an attorney. Southern Oklahoma Cop Block has received reports that this is not the first dog Deputy Daniel King has executed.

    This is the 3rd questionable dog shooting by law enforcement in Oklahoma within the last two weeks. The nationwide epidemic of police murdering family pets is currently under the spotlight with police accountability groups across the US. Now may be the time for Oklahoma to implement a law requiring more training for law enforcement to handle such circumstances. If the mail men, meter readers, etc. can go without killing animals, so can police.

    The deputy was uninjured and never attacked.

    Carter County Sheriff’s Department
    Dustin McCaskill

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