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by CyphorX at 10:45 AM
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Lucky for me my city does not have any BSL laws on the books and I own my own home, so at the moment I don't have to worry about it. but I do notice many apartments have stupid breed restrictions as well as many insurance providers have banned breeds, it seems that unless you want either a little "yip yip" dog or a goofy looking medium to large dog you are out of luck in many places.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject.
by Michele at 10:29 AM
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This Pup Was a Ringbearer at His Owner’s Wedding – and the Pictures are Adorable
by Good News Network - Aug 1, 2017

When this dapper looking pup was asked to be the honorary ring bearer at his owners’ wedding, he didn’t hesitate to say “I do”....
by Michele at 10:59 AM
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Cranking up the AC isn't enough to help pets beat the summer heat. Keep them safe and cool with these simple tips.

By Ardenis Perez

1. Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure their water bowl stays full and cold by adding ice cubes throughout the day. “Pets need to replenish the liquid they exhale when panting or breathing as they attempt to lower their body temperature,” says Barry Kellogg, VMD, a member of the board of directors of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. You can also set up a wading pool for your dog to take a dip in.

2. Get Them Comfy

If your home is too warm, you might see your pup leaving behind damp...
by xxmagsterxx at 10:32 AM
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My 2 girls were spayed on the 23rd. When the next 2 days after were the worst for my 1 year old blue nose pit, Angel. She had HORRIBLE diarrhea accidents all over the house. Today it has been a week.. she's still having tummy troubles. She's hardly eating but she is acting totally normal! At 1 point there was a little blood in her poop but I've read that it's normal since she's been going so much it's probably from the irritation. What can I do for her?
by TrippleCrown at 3:20 PM
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I was cheering like at a baseball game...
When at the Pennsylvania SPCA, my Chocolate Labrador attacked and almost killed a pitbull in the Vet's waiting room.

I let go of the Labrador's leash, and I was screaming "yeahh!!!!! its time the fucking Pitbull got some"....

Go Coco ! Go coco ! Get that fucking monster dog ! whoohoo !

I saw the pitbull's leg split, I screamed to my Labrador "break another" "time for the fucking Pitbull to get some" when my Labrador got a hold of its throat.... I was screaming "rip that fucking pitbull's throat out" "kill that fucking monster dog!!!!"

The SPCA staff ran in, and broke the two dogs up...

The Pitbull had to go in for major surgery, and I had to...
by TeoM at 2:36 AM
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Hi there, everyone!

My cute 6 month old Pembroke, Bitsy, is trying to get into the Corgi Calendar 2017 and could really use some more votes. Please give her a vote if you think she's worthy!

Thanks a lot in advance!