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by xxmagsterxx at 10:32 AM
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My 2 girls were spayed on the 23rd. When the next 2 days after were the worst for my 1 year old blue nose pit, Angel. She had HORRIBLE diarrhea accidents all over the house. Today it has been a week.. she's still having tummy troubles. She's hardly eating but she is acting totally normal! At 1 point there was a little blood in her poop but I've read that it's normal since she's been going so much it's probably from the irritation. What can I do for her?
by TrippleCrown at 3:20 PM
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I was cheering like at a baseball game...
When at the Pennsylvania SPCA, my Chocolate Labrador attacked and almost killed a pitbull in the Vet's waiting room.

I let go of the Labrador's leash, and I was screaming "yeahh!!!!! its time the fucking Pitbull got some"....

Go Coco ! Go coco ! Get that fucking monster dog ! whoohoo !

I saw the pitbull's leg split, I screamed to my Labrador "break another" "time for the fucking Pitbull to get some" when my Labrador got a hold of its throat.... I was screaming "rip that fucking pitbull's throat out" "kill that fucking monster dog!!!!"

The SPCA staff ran in, and broke the two dogs up...

The Pitbull had to go in for major surgery, and I had to...
by TeoM at 2:36 AM
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Hi there, everyone!

My cute 6 month old Pembroke, Bitsy, is trying to get into the Corgi Calendar 2017 and could really use some more votes. Please give her a vote if you think she's worthy!

Thanks a lot in advance!
by darbyann at 5:34 PM
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I cant stand to watch those tv commercials that show those abused animals! I turn the channel or go in another room. I do donate to a shelter every month.

some how the subject came up with my neighbor (who has no pets) and he said not to worry, those shelter animals are not the same as your pets.

I about fell over!

what are your feelings about that?

by darbyann at 5:20 PM
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where does your pet sleep?
all 4 of my dogs sleep on the bed with me.
my friends dog sleeps on top of her.
my sisters cat sleeps on top of her head.

where does your pet sleep?

by Michele at 9:55 AM
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A study was conducted on wolves and their behavior in relation to each other as a pack. What was found that the key to the wolves’ success in the wild has something to do with them having a built in tolerance that’s higher than seen with domesticated dogs.

According to lead author of the published report, Friederike Range, “Wolves cooperate more in terms of breeding, defending territories and probably hunting. Dogs are scavengers.”

Initially, the researchers were of the mindset that domestication had bred a higher tolerance in dogs. This made it seem like dogs were a better social partner for man. This new study rethinks that concept....