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by Kristy at 6:55 PM
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I got a new baby! Rescued her yesterday from an adoption group that comes to my place of employment every weekend to try and adopt out dogs. Her card said "Lab X" and I was just curious if anyone had any ideas?
She's got a Boxer looking face to me but she's only 3 months old and already as big as our year old Boxer! and her feet are GIGANTIC!
But she sure is cute though! Her name is Emmie and this is only my first day with her but I'm already so in love.
We got her because Bodhi really needed someone to play with. Our Collie wouldn't play with him and it was depressing watching him literally shove toys in Alfie's mouth and Alfie just didn't want to play at all. So, we got him a little...
by Michele at 8:44 AM
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What are your thoughts? Would you do it?

I would. JC will be cremated (many years from now) and put next to my father's ashes.
by Michele at 4:08 PM
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A new study has found dogs are better at comprehending situations from a human perspective than previously realized.
Researchers in the UK conducted experiments on 84 dogs and found the animals were capable of modifying their behavior depending on the circumstance of their owners.
For example, dogs were four times more likely to steal food they had been forbidden when the lights were turned off and humans struggled to see.

The authors of the study argued it was...
by Rach at 8:01 AM
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Tulip is so dramatic..... We were at the airport Wednesday walking and it was cold.... Tulip just got groomed that morning and I failed to put jammies on her... We made it to the end of the runway and she sits down and her whole body is shivering.... I pick her up and carried her back a ways.... When I put her back down to finish out the walk, her front leg was tucked under and as her back legs hit the pavement her nose touched (mind you I said touched) the pavement... She starts screaming like she got her teeth knocked out or broke a leg....

She's like this when something scares her.... We can be walking around town or just be out in the yard and if she's caught off guard she just...
by Michele at 12:57 PM
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With Breed Specific Legislation acts being brought forward in more and more areas across the country, dogs like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and other “scary” looking breeds are in danger of...
by Michele at 7:56 AM
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Stewie to the Rescue (Stewie!) has two primary goals:

Make sure that no pet is ever relinquished to a NYC kill shelter due to the expense of their medical care, and

That no rescue group is ever prevented from saving an animal’s life because of a lack of funds when a foster family or adoptive family is available.
Through partnership...