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Do Americans love their dogs too much?

By The Christian Science Monitor
Saturday, September 7, 2013 11:39 EDT

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Every few years it seems there’s a new study that shows how smart dogs are. Three or four years ago, it was revealed that the smartest dogs had a vocabulary of up to 500 words. Shortly afterward, I read an article that teaches you how to test your dog’s IQ. We’re familiar...
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Dogs offer comfort to abused kids

By Jodie Sinnema, Edmonton Journal September 6, 2013

Lab Fossey, 5, enjoys lots of pets during a press conference about the service dogs being added to the Zebra Child Protection Centre to help out during interviews with victimized children, called VIP (Very Important Paws) in Edmonton on Friday Sept. 6, 2013.

Photograph by: John Lucas , Edmonton Journal
EDMONTON - Two dogs have been hired by the Zebra Child Protection Centre to help children during interviews of alleged physical and sexual abuse.

In the innovative program inspired by similar ones in the...
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On FB, there was an ad that someone posted because they "found" a dog and wanated to give it away free. It had this picture:
I was appalled, there were 69 replies and all of them were interested in the dog because it was a "pitbull" or that they would take it as last resort. I couldn't get him off my mind, sent the pic to hubby, and he called wanting me to get their address.

I smooshed my way into becoming the advertisers bff so I could secure the safety of this dog. In the evening, after all day of dealing with this issue, we got the run around. The owner, which was the girl that placed the ads fiance, said the dog ran off. When I told her she said "How? He is at his moms that's...
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Check out her collars!!
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Dogs find their master's yawns more contagious than their canine pals

New study shows that dogs yawning when their owners do is an emotional response

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A new study has discovered that dogs find their owner's yawns more contagious than the yawns of their canine counterparts.

This could be an indication of empathy from the animal long seen to be man's best friend, according to a group of researchers from the University of Tokyo.

A Japanese team of researchers recruited 25 dogs and their owners for the study and found that they were more likely to mimic the yawns of their masters than strangers because they are emotionally connected to...
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It’s a passion that pays off in appreciation rather than money and requires time, patience and an extraordinary amount of energy.

A group of regional search-and-rescue volunteers — those who raise their dogs to sniff out missing persons, dead or alive — spent Friday training their hunters on the ground and in water.
Sean Henady, a local training volunteer, Janet Winslow, West Lafayette Police Department officer, and several other volunteers from Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin took their dogs out on a lake just north of U.S. 52 and Schuyler Avenue.

“You’ll have the handler on the boat with the dog and the dog...